DepressionTeenagers are susceptible to depression due to the numerous pressures from their peers and the society. Changes during puberty, or lack of, may cause insecurities to the teenagers. The struggle to find their place in the society or their personal identity may lead to frustrations and eventually depression. While depression can be treated, the problem is that teenagers are guarded and will often prefer not to let their parents or teachers into their personal battles. It is, therefore quite important for the parents or guradians to understand teen depression as this helps them deal with their children.

Signs and Symptoms of Teen Depression

Teenagers have to rely on adults around them when they are suffering from depression. They will, however, not be as open about depression and it is up to the adults in their life to identify the signs and symptoms of depression and help them. The following are the symptoms of depression in teens.

·         Sadness or hopelessness

·         Restlessness and agitation

·         Withdrawal from friends and family

·         Tearfulness or frequent crying

·         Lack of enthusiasm and motivation

·         Loss of interest in activities

·         Irritability, anger, or hostility

·         Sudden poor school performance

·         Difficulty concentrating

·         Feelings of worthlessness and guilt

·         Fatigue or lack of energy

·         Unexplained aches and pains

·         Changes in eating and sleeping habits

·         Thoughts of death or suicide

Suicidal thoughts are especially common with severely depressed teens. They will talk or joke about committing suicide or death. Do not ignore it if the teens in your life start getting involved with reckless accidents that result in injury. Get help at the suicide prevention and support, IASP or

Helping Depressed Teens

Depression can be damaging and even life-threatening among adolescents. Do not, therefore, try to ignore the matter. The challenge for many parents and caregivers is how to address the problem with their otherwise detached teenagers. To communicate effectively with a depressed teen, you have to listen and not lecture or judge them. Acknowledge their feelings and concerns. Be gentle with them without losing the persistence.

teen depressionDepression causes anybody to disconnect from their social life. This will, however, make the matter worse. Encourage the teens to get involved in activities. Try and encourage them to volunteer as this will boost their self-esteem. Even more importantly, be there for them every day. Talk with them face-to-face without distractions.

Getting them physically active can also help them beat depression. Provide nutritious and balanced meals for optimum mood support and brain health. Encouraging exercises will boost their mental health. Limit their screen time and encourage about 9-10 hours of sleep every night. If the depression is severe, seek a psychologist or psychiatrist help.

Depression in teenagers is a big concern because they may not even be aware of the symptoms of depression. In other cases, depression is dismissed in teens as typical adolescent behaviors. While the signs are many, irritability, anger, and agitation are the signs that you should be on the lookout for If personality, mood, or behavior changes persistently, you need to take the issue more seriously.

DEPRESSIONIs depression the same among different people? Are the causes, symptoms, and treatment the same? No. Depression assumes various states among women and men. Women are even said to be more prone to depression than men. This is because they experience different causes. The variation is attributed to the reproductive hormones, social pressures, and different response to stress. Learning about depression in women will help you manage it better or help a person dealing with it. Continue Reading

Meditation on yoga classInsomnia is caused by our thoughts about the day or our future schedules especially if they are stressful. When you combine sleep deprivation and stress, your health and productivity will be adversely affected. You have to, therefore, calm your mind and change your focus to the present to deal with insomnia. There are many ways to achieve calmness including yoga and meditation. Continue Reading

poor sleepUnless you have a roof damage, you do not have to struggle with sleep deprivation. Unfortunately for millions of people, poor sleep is a constant problem they have to deal with. You have also probably dealt with sleep deprivation from time to time. Sleep problems are occasioned by many issues chief among them stress. It is easy to ignore sleep deprivation, but it can have adverse effects on your health and productivity.

Here are some of the primary effects of poor sleep. Continue Reading

meditationHabitual sleeplessness is undesired since it can interfere with your entire schedule or even cause health related problems such as stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and/or high blood pressure. Studies have identified sleep deprivation among the major causes of accidents, and depression. It also impairs your judgment, cognitive abilities, and in some cases, can even increase the risk of death. It is, therefore, imperative to tackle insomnia the moment you notice it. One of the most effective ways to cure insomnia is through meditation. Continue Reading

man in bed with eyes opened suffering insomnia sleep disorderSleep is a necessary part of human development as it allows the human body to heal and regenerate new cells. Although the lack of sleep is generally referred to as insomnia, there are many other types of sleep disorders that many people do not associate with insomniac trends. This article discusses the different types of insomnia that you ought to be aware of.

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Diagnosis - Insomnia. Medical Concept.Short-term insomnia can be treated by use of sleeping pills, according to the prescription of your doctor. People can successfully treat the short-term lack of sleep, with the utilization of these sleeping pills while others become entirely dependent on them. With such a widespread accessibility and the perceived effectiveness of these drugs from the extensive research of medical professionals, it is no wonder a lot of people fall into the trap of these sleeping pills.

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Middle age woman with insomnia counting sheepInsomnia is a sleep disorder that robs people sleep and leaves them awake for long. As much it may sound good to workaholics, insomnia is a severe problem that affects your body’s daily functioning.

In the provision of home remedies and change of lifestyle, in an effort to curb insomnia, it is good we briefly look at some of the common causes of insomnia. By doing so, we shall be in a better position to know what we are fighting against, and device better ways to mitigate against the causes of this sleeplessness menace.

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insomnia sheepSleeping is a habit that some people perform better than others. The poorest performers mostly suffer from Insomnia. However, no one is born insomnia; everyone has the capability to have quality sleep. There is no need for medication to treat your problem, with proper sleeping habits and training, people with a sleeping disorder can perfect their condition. Below are ten verified sleep habits that are guaranteed to improve your sleeping disorder.

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Sleep, insomnia, night.According to research conducted by National Sleep Foundation, women are 57% more likely to suffer from Insomnia than men who recorded a 51%. The study further stated that only 7% of these women receive proper treatment for the sleeping disorder. These findings indicate the need to educate women about Insomnia.

Why Women are More Prone to Insomnia than Men

Most women are at a risk of getting sleep disorders due to some factors.

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