How to Design Your Ecommerce Site for More Conversions

If you are looking forward to increasing conversion, there should be no part of a customer journey that should be overlooked. You need to focus on everything, from landing pages, checkout pages, and every other aspect of your eCommerce website. Businesses such as Virginia Beach Towing cultivate a user journey that carefully balances all aspects of a business.

If you are looking forward to designing a more delightful and intentional conversion path on your website, here are some of the best practices to follow.

Add clear CTAs

You need to have a clear call to action on what you need your customers to do. Doing so would be very essential in converting traffic into sales. Clear CTAs will include words such as Buy Now, add to Basket, etc., that stands out on web pages, with intention of grabbing the attention of visitors and encouraging them to make a click. This is normally done using contrasting colors and unique design elements as well as other tactics.

Create a Sense of Urgency

You should consider creating a sense of urgency on your eCommerce site. Creating a sense of urgency can help in increasing the conversion rate by as much as 330 percent. This can be done by simply changing the way you play around your CTAs, whereby you can change the words – Shop Here, to Shop Now. Doing so can help in giving your visitors the nudge that they need to convert.

Simple one-click check out

You need to adopt a simple one-click checkout process whereby customers can skip the ‘add to cart’ step and quickly check out effectively while still on a product page. Doing so would be very important in shortening the checkout process by up to 90 percent. It would be important in eliminating the extra steps required in the traditional checkout process and reduces the chances of cart abandonment. If you don’t implement a simple one-click checkout for your customers, you will suffer an abandoned cart.

Add green bar SSL

From research, it has been found that shopping cart abandonment may decrease if you display a green-bar SLL on your website. A green bar SLL would be very important in conveying a trustworthy and reputable website. It is not only good for aesthetics but also adds an important security feature in ensuring customer details and vital financial information is not stolen. Having a green bar helps in encrypting visitor’s information and makes it harder for hackers and scams from stealing any information. Customers will not want to make purchases from a website that is not secure.

Offer different payment methods

There are hundreds of different ways to pay online that does not necessarily rely on a card- These are methods that include direct debit, bank transfers, e-invoices, digital wallets, and digital currencies such as bitcoins. You must understand your target market and offer payment methods that are best suited for your customers. In every sector, try to study the most common payment methods and provide the top three options.

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