Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Insomnia

woman restless at night timeThe main sign of insomnia is the lack of sleep or in simpler terms, finding it difficult falling asleep.  Few year ago, while working at a tree service shop, I used to overwork myself and from time to time, I suffered insomnia. This vital sign then gives rise to other symptoms that make your condition deteriorate. It is, however, important to differentiate the Insomnia signs from Insomnia symptoms.

Signs of Insomnia

The signs of Insomnia are the physical indicators that alert one they could be having the sleep disorder. These signs include;

i. Lack of sleep at night
Lack of the sleep is a major sign that indicates that you could be suffering from a sleep disorder. You will find yourself fearing for bedtime since no sleep comes your way.

ii. Mood swings
When you lack enough sleep, you will result in having frequent mood swings. Although mood swings could be concerns of a different matter, frequent moody experiences have been reported to be a sign of sleep deprivation.

iii. Sleeping during the day
It is obvious that, if you never had enough sleep at night, your day will be full of drowsy moments. Sleeping during the day when you should be working instead is a sign of a sleeping disorder.

iv. Stumbles and fallsMan Awake In Bed Suffering With Insomnia. Woman sleeping in the
Occasional stumbles, falls and causing other accidents could be a sign of Insomnia. Sleep helps one to have a relaxed and a focused mind. When you don’t have enough sleep your focus will be weak, leading to accidents.

Symptoms of Insomnia

Symptoms relate to how one feels and not necessarily the observable signs. The symptoms that could indicate you have insomnia include

1. Anxiety feelings
Anxiety feelings leave one irritated and stressed. Other factors could bring fear but sleep disorder is one of them. When your body and mind are not getting enough rest, you are bound to get annoyed, stressed and full of worries all the time.

2. Forgetfulness
You can quickly tell if you have Insomnia if your memory has all of a sudden become weak. You are now forgetful of many things even the simplest tasks around your home. Sleep coordinates with the mind. When you do not have enough sleep, the brain fails to function well resulting in memory failure.

3. Tension headaches
Headaches are a common symptom of insomnia. However, don’t be fast to rule out all your headache problems are Insomnia related. There could be other underlying issues that can only be identified by a doctor.

4. Feeling fatigued
Feeling tired could be a natural condition, but continuous fatigue for days could indicate the possibility of Insomnia. Sleep helps one to rest after an exhausting day. However, if you don’t get quality sleep, it means you have a tired body that has not had a chance to rest and relax. As a result, your body accumulates the fatigue for each day leaving you feeling exhausted.

5. Poor concentration
Sleep disorders such as Insomnia can in a great way influence your concentration and focusing ability. As discussed above, there is a close relationship between brain coordination and quality sleep. Lack of quality sleep will limit the brain functioning. As a result, your concentration ability is affected.

Remember, the above signs and symptoms do not necessarily guarantee you have Insomnia. Some health problems are likely to have similar conditions. Getting a doctor’s advice is the best solution to rule out any problem, and stay well advised or protected.

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