Insomnia in Women

Sleep, insomnia, night.According to research conducted by National Sleep Foundation, women are 57% more likely to suffer from Insomnia than men who recorded a 51%. The study further stated that only 7% of these women receive proper treatment for the sleeping disorder. These findings indicate the need to educate women about Insomnia.

Why Women are More Prone to Insomnia than Men

Most women are at a risk of getting sleep disorders due to some factors.

1. Lifestyle
It is unfortunate that after a day full of activities, some women find the evenings the only time to have some ‘me’ time. As a pat on their back, they indulge in two cups of coffee or several glasses of wine or alcohol. Unknown to them, these drinks contain plenty of caffeine that is known to cause sleep deprivation. Thinking after the drinking session they will have a great time sleeping, they instead stay awake for hours due to the caffeine effect.

2. Responsibilities
Women are full of responsibilities. We can say that they work round the clock. From house chores to taking care of children, to assuming the role of a wife, to being a great sister and neighbor, they have no time left for exercise or rest. After an exhausting day, the woman retires to bed so tired but still cannot get sleep. In most cases, it is even impossible to have an intimate moment with their partners. All this and more can cause you to have sleep disorders that will leave you even more fatigued.

3. Relationshipswoman restless at night time
Women are weak creatures that are easily affected by issues in relationships. Unlike men who try their best to remain unmoved in such situations, women become traumatized, and their healing takes a long time. With separation issues, divorce, breakups, and misunderstandings, a woman is likely to stay awake for weeks thinking about the situation.

4. Hormonal changes
Hormonal changes are the primary causes of insomnia in women. Women are prone to imbalances in their hormones that may lead to them having sleepless nights. Such conditions include menstrual cycle, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, and depression.

Hormonal Conditions That Cause Insomnia in Women

i. Menstrual cycles
Just like the above conditions, menstrual cycle causes an imbalance in the woman’s hormones that result in disrupting her sleep. Some women also suffer from severe stomach cramps and back pains that make sleeping even worse. The sleep disorder can be termed normal during this period. However in the case of severe pains during the menstrual cycle, a woman should consult the doctor.

ii. Pregnancy
Pregnancy comes loaded with many changes in women such as nausea, anxiety, changes in diet, and restlessness among other symptoms. During the last trimester, a woman would be suffering from leg cramps, the pelvic pressure causing frequent visits to the toilet. These changes contribute to the imbalance in the woman’s hormones leading to the lack of sleep in most cases.

iii. Postpartum Depressioninsomnia
Postpartum depression occurs in women after delivering their babies. The condition comes by due to the challenges a woman may go through if they don’t get good attention and support from family members and friends. The depression is likely to cause insomnia in the new mother who could affect the baby. Postpartum depression needs immediate attention to avoid more harm to the mother and child.

iv. Menopause
From the age of 45, women suffer from pre-menopause and post-menopause conditions that are likely to last for up to 10 years. The stage has massive disruption of hormones that lead to sleep deprivation conditions.

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