Lifestyle Changes and Home Remedies to Curb Insomnia

Middle age woman with insomnia counting sheepInsomnia is a sleep disorder that robs people sleep and leaves them awake for long. As much it may sound good to workaholics, insomnia is a severe problem that affects your body’s daily functioning.

In the provision of home remedies and change of lifestyle, in an effort to curb insomnia, it is good we briefly look at some of the common causes of insomnia. By doing so, we shall be in a better position to know what we are fighting against, and device better ways to mitigate against the causes of this sleeplessness menace.

How Do I Know If I Have Insomnia?

Some of the Insomnia symptoms include;

– Waking up night and staying awake till morning
– Lack of concentration and focus
– Feeling stressed and anxious
– Excessive daytime fatigue
– Difficulty falling asleep.

What Lifestyle Changes Can Curb Insomnia?

1. Avoid large meals before bedtime
Large meals and heavy drinking are not ideal during dinner time. Heavy meals just before bedtime cause gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD), a serious condition that causes sleep deprivation. Drinking too much before bedtime will keep you awake visiting the washroom. A light meal and less drinking are ideal for your sleep solution.

2. Take your dinner early
Experts recommend taking our taking our supper four hours before bedtime. The practice allows proper digestion before you get to sleep. With a digested meal, you are likely to fall asleep faster than when you have a full stomach with food just eaten 20 minutes before your bedtime. Understand your schedule correctly and aim at taking dinner four hours before you finally get to bed.

3. Avoid using devices during bedtimeinsomnia 3
Your bed is for sleeping and not surfing the internet. With various platforms of instant social media services, most people go to sleep with their computers, phones, and video games. It is a wrong practice to install even a TV in your bedroom. These devices will only keep you awake resulting to sleep disorders.

4. Comfortable bedroom
Always make your room comfortable. The temperatures need to be cool, some background music or a running fan to help soothe you to sleep and remember the night needs to be dark or dim. Light during bedtime will bring interference to your sleep.

5. Bed relaxation
The day’s activities might have been tedious and stressful. Your bed should be the last place to take the worries. It may be hard to set aside the concerns, but developing a bedtime routine such as breathing exercises, a warm bath, and a massage or playing soft music you are likely to fall asleep in minutes.

6. Get out if you can’t sleep
You may try to fall asleep, but hours later you find yourself still awake. The best solution is to get out of the bed, do something to relax you or just read a book. Go back to your bed and enjoy the sleep, when you start feeling drowsy.

Home Remedies to Cure Insomnia?

i. Milk and honey before bed
Research has shown that honey and milk contains a chemical known as tryptophan that helps in inducing sleep. Make it a habit of taking a glass of milk mixed with some honey before bedtime.

ii. Chamomile
Caffeine is not good for insomnia; it keeps you awake for hours. However, chamomile tea has been proven to yield good results to people with sleep problems when taken before bedtime.

iii. Cherries
Did you know cherries are excellent for sleep improvement? Try taking around 15-20 cherries daily and thank me later. Cherries help in eliminating mental fatigue, anxiety, and stress that are contributors to sleep deprivation.

iv. Massage
A gentle massage using sesame or Brahmi oil helps in inducing sleep. Make it a habit to have a good massage before bedtime and your sleep quality will improve.

v. LavenderMix of lavender flowers and cosmetic
Lavender is sweet smelling and can undoubtedly create a tranquilizing effect to treating your sleep disorder. You can perfume your bedroom with lavender fragrance, try inhaling some lavender oil or just take a bath with soap made of lavender scent. Lavender has a way of creating a sedative and cooling environment that makes sleeping easier.

Insomnia can be a severe problem if not administered on time. If the above lifestyle changes and home remedies don’t work for you, it will be necessary to seek further consultation from your doctor to rule out any underlying problems, as you might be at chronic stage.

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