Best Yoga Poses to Treat Insomnia

Meditation on yoga classInsomnia is caused by our thoughts about the day or our future schedules especially if they are stressful. When you combine sleep deprivation and stress, your health and productivity will be adversely affected. You have to, therefore, calm your mind and change your focus to the present to deal with insomnia. There are many ways to achieve calmness including yoga and meditation.

Yoga is a soothing practice which includes simple meditation, breath control, and adoption of particular bodily postures to improve your health and boost relaxation. Yoga is very effective in calming your mind, relieving tension in the body, and lowering stress levels. All this can help contribute to a quality good night sleep. Experts say that some resting and inversion poses, when practiced in the evening or while in bed before sleeping, can help deal with insomnia and restlessness.

Yoga students report that evening classes help them sleep better. But not everybody can hit the studio every day after work. These poses that can be tried at home will help you sleep better.

1.      Easy Forward Bend

This pose, which is a variation Sukhasana, is very simple, and even beginners can try it. Sit with your legs crossed and lean forward. Rest your head on the floor with the arms on the floor too but over your head. Sit on a pillow if you are tight on the hips to make the pose more relaxing. The pose opens up your hips and eases the body and any tension.

2.      Legs Up the Wall Pose

legs upThis pose, also known as Viparita Karani, is simply performed against the wall. Put your legs on the wall while your upper body is lying on the ground with your arms apart. Aim for 90 degrees pose. With your eyes close, stay in the pose for up to five minutes.

3.      Standing Forward Bend

This pose helps relieve insomnia and headaches. It also lowers your stress levels. With your feet about six inches apart, stand and fold your torso to the ground. Keep your knees straight and bring your fingertips beside the feet. Pose for about 30 seconds.

4.      Plow Pose

While the plow pose or Halasana might look intimidating for somebody who has never tried it, the pose is not very hard. First, lie on your back then lift your legs over the head. Proceed to rest your legs on the ground behind you. This pose will revitalize your body by turning the blood flow around.

5.      Child’s Pose

The child’s pose or Balasana will relieve the tension in your body, calm your mind and help you have a good sleep. Fold the torso area over your legs and extend your arms with your forehead rested on the ground. Taking long deep breaths while you are doing the pose helps relax you.

These yoga poses are focused on deep breathing which calms your mind and also releases any physical tension. Combining them with breath activities will help counteract stress which affects our sleep. Try them today and beat insomnia which affects your productivity and health.

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