Understanding Depression in Women

DEPRESSIONIs depression the same among different people? Are the causes, symptoms, and treatment the same? No. Depression assumes various states among women and men. Women are even said to be more prone to depression than men. This is because they experience different causes. The variation is attributed to the reproductive hormones, social pressures, and different response to stress. Learning about depression in women will help you manage it better or help a person dealing with it.

Depression in Women Signs and Symptoms

The following are some of the common complaints by women suffering from depression.

·           Pessimistic mood.

·           Suicidal thoughts.

·           Feelings of hopelessness, guilt, and worthlessness.

·           Loss of interest in activities you loved engaging in.

·           Appetite and weight change.

·           Sleeping more or sleep deprivation.

·           Lack of energy and fatigue.

Understanding the Difference between Depression in Male and Female

effectsThe symptoms of depression are generally the same. However, women tend to experience some symptoms more than men do. For example, Guilt feeling is more pronounced and prevalent with women. While men will blame other for their problems, women tend to blame themselves. Men will feel irritable, angry, and ego inflated while women will feel apathetic, sad, and worthless. Women will tend to feel anxious and scared and try to avoid conflicts at all costs while men will have the opposite feeling. Women can easily talk about their despair making it easier for them to get help.

Causes of the Depression in Human

It is said that women have double the chance of suffering from depression. This is attributed to psychological, biological, and social factors. These include the following:

·         Premenstrual problems

·         Pregnancy and infertility

·         Postpartum depression

·         Perimenopause and menopause

·         Health problems like chronic illness or injury

·         Focusing on and repeating negative feelings

·         Overwhelming stress

·         Body image issues

·         Family responsibilities

·         Marital or relationship problems

·         Discrimination or frustration at the workplace

·         Persistent money problems

·         Stressful life event like death

Treating Depression in Women

Treatment for depression is similar among men and women, and it involves psychotherapy and antidepressant therapy. In some case, however, there might be a need for special treatment among women. Since hormone fluctuations can cause a change in mood, the doctor should consider whether the depression symptoms are connected to the reproductive cycle. Birth control medication may also affect a woman’s mood. Antidepressants are also different among men and women due to biological differences and different side effects.

Self-help for Women Suffering Depression

You can also deal with depression without seeking expert’s advice. Start by exercising and meditating every day. Find a purpose and avoid isolation. Sleep for 8 hours every day and practice daily relaxation techniques like yoga.

Depression is very common among women. Research indicates that one woman out of eight will develop depression at least once in their lifetime. It affects their career, social life, relationships, and also the sense of purpose and self-worth. Sadness, guilt, and tiredness are the primary symptoms of depression. It is, however, treatable. Understanding depression in women will make you better prepared to handle it.

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