How Exercises Improves Your Sleep

Pilates exerciseA good work out can help you get a great sleep. If you want to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling rested, consider incorporating sleep in your daily routine. According to the National Sleep Foundation, physical activities are quite important to securing yourself a good night sleep. According to a study conducted by the Northwestern University, it showed that aerobic exercise could help to alleviate insomnia.

Among the everyday things that keep us awake at night is stress. We worry a lot about work, we are obsessed with money, and this makes us work out minds to lack sleep. When we exercise, we can eliminate stress by clearing our minds and removing symptoms of stress off our bodies.

Exercise has proved to shorten the time taken for one to get sleep and reduces the amount of time taken for one to be awake as they wait for sleep to take over.

Which Exercises are the Best

There is not a lot of data to show the best exercises that promote sleep. However, from the few studies and research conducted, moderate intensity aerobic exercises are the best for improving sleep, as compared to high-intensity aerobic exercises, or even resistant training. Moderate intensity aerobic exercises reduce pre-sleep anxiety and enhance sleep for those suffering from chronic insomnia.

Fitness AnnexThere is a relationship between sleep, exercising and good health. People who have good health naturally have better and sound sleep. One factor that can promote good health is exercising. There are a couple of components that play into action to promote sleep. These factors include wellness, good health, healthy thinking and behavior around sleep and managing sleep disorders.

Wellness is a state of optical well-being where one strives to maximize their potential. You may not be physically fit or free from forms of sickness, but you can endeavor to increase your overall wellness by working with what you have. Similarly, you need to maintain a good general health.

Sleep acts as the threshold for physical and mental health and can be the first sign that something is not right with our health. To have a good sleep, we need to optimize our physical and mental health needs. Sometimes, we engage our brain with a lot of questions and answers to a point we feel restless. It is important we change our thinking and behavior as this can go a long way to promoting a sound sleep.

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